Remote Power

We, the Remote-People, work remotely as a matter of principle. We are at your side to bridge bottlenecks in projects and beyond. A permanent project partner is always at your side.


Our resource packages offer you benefits that an employee can never provide. For example, our services are always redundant and ensure continuity. In this way, you prevent bottlenecks due to vacation and illness.

Contract Compliance

We care about your compliance! With Remote-People you avoid the risks of (covert) employee leasing. National as well as international specifics are our strength.

Resource Flexibility

We offer you flexibility in terms of profiles and package sizes. Notice periods for employment contracts no longer play a role for you.

The world goes remote

The world of work is currently undergoing a significant change: the home office has advanced to become an actual, alternative workplace. Quick and easy communication via video calls or chats is consistently preferred to visiting the neighbor’s office or the customer. As digitization progresses, more and more activities can also be performed remotely.


We approach the IT markets in Germany and Switzerland with a sharp focus. The difficult requirements of individual markets make a meticulous examination of the specific legal conditions indispensable. At the same time, the service model must be maximally compatible with these.

Personell Leasing

An essential aspect that is often not ensured to the necessary extent is the avoidance of personnel leasing. If personnel leasing is subsequently concealed, this can have extensive financial and social security consequences. For example, the customer may be subject to additional salary obligations, and permanent establishments abroad may also be created unintentionally. We prevent this and avoid personnel leasing. 


Our focus

At Remote-People we strive for a long and close partnership with our customers. We can only achieve this with your absolute satisfaction.
For this, excellent quality is indispensable. Our personnel is selected with the greatest care, because we know: Hardly in any other professional field is the range of work efficiency as wide as in IT. This high efficiency benefits you.